5 Email content split tests you should try

With the ability to make the difference to your CTR you should definitely be including your content factor in your AB split test strategy. But what parts of your content should you choose?

As the well-known marketing maxim goes: “Content is king“. And that’s true for Email marketing too. With the ability to make the difference between a great click-through rate (CTR) and a terrible one, you should definitely be including your content as a factor in your AB split test strategy. But what should you choose to split test within your content?

1. Headers and headlines

When someone opens your email, it’s the first thing they (should) see. Is the message consistent with the subject line? Does your headline engage the reader? Does the headline give an overview of the email?

2. Call-To-Actions

This is a bit of an obvious one, really. Experiment with colour, size, shape, position, length of message and just about everything else you can think of. Call-To-Actions (CTA) arguably offer the single biggest rewards to be reaped from successful AB testing.

3. Number of images

Looking great is always at the forefront of email design, but you should also consider the impact of an over-crowded email layout. Do your images get clicked, or are they simply for show? What type of images works best – People or products?

4. Number of links

Every email should have a prominent link (the one that the CTA is tied to) but it’s worth experimenting with additional links, too. Does a second link (and consequent CTA) increase CTR, or does it dilute the marketing message? Does more of the same link increase CTR?

5. Length of content

The length of an email can be a factor in identifying spam, but it can also have an affect on the click-through rate. Do longer emails perform better? How does positioning of the CTA within the length of an email effect the results?

Understand your results

It’s important not only to record the results of your AB split tests, but also to understand why those results are occurring. Try to think as a recipient, rather than a marketer, and ask your colleagues about their thoughts, and most importantly – whether they’d convert!

John Alexander Rowley

An enthusiastic digital marketing professional passionately dedicated to increasing the online presence of businesses and individuals in order to improve engagement and ROI.

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