Sharing a passion for digital innovation

I want to help people and businesses transform their online (and offline) performance, sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for digital with my colleagues, clients and peers along the way.

Experience & digital leadership

Sharing my passion

I’ve been passionate about helping businesses large and small improve their digital performance since way back in 2005. Over the years my commitment to the belief that there’s a place for digital marketing in every business has helped me on a journey towards digital leadership.

My ambition to lead a digital marketing team comes from a desire to share my passion, enthusiasm and knowledge with like-minded colleagues. Using this philosophy I want to lead engaged and passionate teams who are driven to deliver digital success and make digital marketing an ever-more exciting industry to be a part of.

I love digital marketing

Nottingham Trent University

Why I love digital

A labour of love

My love for digital marketing is partly due to its ability to fundamentally transform businesses. Having worked at some point in my career with most popular inbound and outbound channels, I believe it’s possible to put together a suitable and sustainable digital strategy for any business model, in any marketplace.

There’s other reasons I love digital marketing, too. I think digital is best described as a ‘creative science’, combining the analytical and mathematical elements of science with the creative flare of the arts. In addition, the journey that leads to digital success can often be just as rewarding as achieving the end result.

Innovative digital ideas

Keeping up to date

One of my former directors once told me that “change has never happened this fast before, and will never happen this slowly again”. I think this is a great saying, and one that’s especially true of digital. With new trends and challenges emerging seemingly every week, it’s clear to see why it’s so important to keep up to date.

Personally I love the fast-paced nature of digital marketing. It forces innovative thinking and the application of the ‘creative science’ to real-world problems. In order to keep pushing forwards, it’s important to share knowledge, ideas and passion – I find industry events and like-minded teams great ways to achieve this.

Google Partner

Digital marketing strategy for businesses

Digital in the community

Sharing knowledge locally

West Bridgford in Nottingham is where I call home. I moved here during my second year of university and never looked back. Having been based here for over six years, I have a real love for the town and community, working closely with various small businesses in the area to promote local events.

Nottingham itself is a great city with superb investment. The Creative Quarter in particular hosts a great selection of creative agencies, many of which meet regularly at local Nottingham events to talk all things creative. There’s digital meet-ups across the city, including SecondWednesday at Antenna and Impression’s digital events.

Digital for businesses

A career in digital

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great businesses during my career so far, managing online strategies covering search, email, affiliate partnerships and social. These roles have progressed from assistant to manager, with my ambition to next lead a team of like-minded digital marketers.

Digital for people

Helping people succeed

For me digital marketing doesn’t end when I leave the office. Helping smaller businesses or individuals who don’t have the same resources as larger businesses is a real labour of love. Each client has different needs, so working together to deliver a strategy which suits their needs is crucially important.

Outside of digital: Hobbies

Switching off from digital

Switching off from digital marketing is hard for me. I enjoy talking about digital, but every once in awhile it’s nice to do something completely removed. For me this usually takes the shape of my other main passion – Snowboarding! I’m trained by the British Association of Snowsport Instructors to teach snowboarding, and do so one evening each week.

There’s a shared sense of achievement when you teach someone who’s never stood on a snowboard before to ride down a slope, which is quite similar to teaching new clients how to execute their own digital strategies. And sharing ideas on how to land a new trick has many similarities with that of swapping digital marketing ideas with peers.

I love digital marketing
John Alexander Rowley

An enthusiastic digital marketing professional passionately dedicated to increasing the online presence of businesses and individuals in order to improve engagement and ROI.

Why I love digital marketing

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