Helping people achieve online success

Helping to teach individuals how to be successful online by sharing my passion and enthusiasm for digital marketing.

My ‘digital for people’ philosophy.

With 90% of people in the UK using the internet everyday, online promotion (known as ‘digital marketing’) has become a crucial part of succeeding online. Whilst many people understand the potential of digital marketing, knowing how to increase audiences, improve engagement and measure online success without the resources of a big business can be a puzzling and confusing challenge.

Why I want to help.

I love digital marketing and believe it should be accessible and affordable to individuals such as bloggers and small business owners as well as larger corporations with seemingly unlimited resources.

Using cost-effective digital marketing my ambition is to help teach individuals how to be successful online by sharing my passion and enthusiasm for digital techniques, so that people can ultimately create their own online success.

How I want to help.

To achieve this requires a digital strategy which suits the availability, budget and understanding of each client. Discussions need to be transparent and in plain English in order to work collaboratively and transfer knowledge effectively.

Years of experience helping people with different resources to improve their online performance has given me the knowledge to deliver a digital strategy and educate clients on digital techniques – All in order to help you create your own success online.

Sharing years of digital experience.

Working collaboratively to create a digital strategy that suits your resource and helps you deliver your own digital success.

digital strategy

Understand your strategy

Understand the digital options available to you and how they’re used to achieve your goals.

Return on investment

Maximise your investment

Invest your time, energy and budget more wisely and get the biggest bang for your buck.

Create your own digital success

Create your own success

Create your own success by understanding the fundamentals of digital and how you can use them.

Increase your audience

Increase your audience

Increase visitors and enhance awareness by promoting yourself where they are already looking.

Audience engagement

Improve engagement

Enhance audience engagement by presenting your audience with what they really want to see.

Digital marketing reporting

Measure performance

Learn how to measure your online performance and understand how it can be improved.

John Alexander Rowley

An enthusiastic digital marketing professional passionately dedicated to increasing the online presence of businesses and individuals in order to improve engagement and ROI.

Why I love digital marketing

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