Introducing Google’s new Keyword planner

Keyword research can be one of the most challenging, and rewarding, parts of digital marketing. So it’s no surprise that Google’s keyword tool has been updated recently.

Google’s keyword tool has been around for a while, so it’s no surprise that it has recently been updated with an arsenal of new features. Keyword research can be one of the most challenging, and rewarding, parts of digital marketing – So I think the new ‘keyword planner’ is a great improvement and will help marketers reduce the time it takes to perform keyword tasks.

Searching for Ad Group or Keyword ideas

Searching for Ad Group ideas isn’t necessarily new (it was in the old Keywords tool) but it’s much more prominent in the keyword planner. It’s great for those who’re new to Pay-Per-Click. Switching to keyword ideas will generate a list of potentially relevant keywords (as per before) but there’s now a new interface to play with and more options to save your results.

Reviewing keyword performance

This option allows users to upload or paste a list of up to 1000 keywords, which AdWords will analyse to estimate the average monthly impressions, clicks, competition, etc. Clicking “get estimates” will allow you to build ad groups and campaigns within the AdWords interface, whilst “Get search volume” will give you more stats on the keywords and let you download the data, too.

Building lists quickly with keyword multiplier

This is my personal favorite new element of the Keywords planner. You can add two (or even three!) boxes, each containing a list of keywords. Those keywords will be multiplied against the other boxes to create a comprehensive list.

For example, If in box A I had ‘awesome’ and ‘brilliant’, and in box B I had ‘new tool’, ‘keyword tool’ and ‘keyword software’ I’d get six keywords in total. You can add a third box, let’s say ‘for marketers’ and ‘for online marketing’ and we’d have a list of 12 in total. It’s really quick to develop huge lists to analyse after you’ve got some real results.

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