Helping people achieve their digital ambitions

Working with a variety of businesses and individuals to manage bespoke online strategies which include proven online techniques and innovative digital ideas.

Projects and clients

Innovative digital strategies

Every client, business and individual is different. There’s resource, budget, existing content and online objectives to consider. Because everyone is different there’s no one-size-fits-all digital marketing strategy which can be used. Whilst some want to drive more traffic others may be focused on engagement, sales or leads.

For me the bespoke nature of each business and individual is a good thing as it facilitates digital innovation, tailoring every strategy to best suit the situation. This may include using specific proven digital techniques or focusing more heavily on a particular digital channel, for example paid social ads, organic search or email.

Here’s just a couple of the people I’ve already helped improve their online performance – including career positions, freelance clients and one-off projects.

Digital Marketing Manager at Thorntons

Accountable for the strategy, development and delivery of all digital marketing activity to deliver annual revenue targets and help drive an ambitious digital growth programme.

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Digital Search Manager at Thorntons

Helped Thorntons deliver £4.5 million in annual search revenue with an additional £2 million in affiliate partnerships. Increased net contribution by £1.7 million and drove +9.5% year-on-year growth.

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Digital marketing executive at Romax

Driving a successful B2B lead generation strategy whilst managing the company's global digital presence. Lead a small team of digital marketers to increase leads from ~10 to ~130 per month.

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Online marketing associate at EvoEnergy

Focusing on paid, organic and email to drive high-quality domestic and commercial leads. Reduced acquisition cost by £10 (from £45 to £35) and increased conversion by two percentage points.

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Online marketing assistant at Fisher

Working with various colleagues to deliver digital success including position 1 for key organic terms, record-breaking event footfall figures and delivering an iOS app with over 2,000 downloads.

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Digital consultancy for Henwood

Digital consultation for the local charity resulting in 60% reduced bounce-rate, 30% increased engagement and over 200 attendees to a quarterly local event driven through local search marketing.

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Search audit for Corail Pinnacle

Full search marketing audit, report and action-plan for Corail's digital team. Recommendations included over 50 technical and content considerations both on-site and off-site to help boost traffic.

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Lead generation at QuoteMeGreener

Independent consumer-focused lead generation website. Drove 5,000 visitors and 8% conversion rate, with leads sold to market-leaders. Generated more than £35,000 in data costs over three months.

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Collaborative content with Surface2AirSports

Collaboration with TSA and Surface2AirSports to create bespoke digital content and drive online traffic and engagement. Received more than 1,800 likes on Facebook and over 65 comments across social.

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Brochure design for Lady Bay

Designed 1,300 8-page brochures commissioned by the local Lady Bay Arts festival in both 2014 and 2015. Brochures drove online visits and engagement, primarily to the festival's social channels.

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Colleagues and clients

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