Search audit for Corail Pinnacle

Full search marketing audit, report and action-plan for Corail’s digital team. Recommendations included over 50 technical and content considerations both on-site and off-site to help boost traffic.

Corail Pinnacle is a small arm of the DePuy Synthes group, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. Corail specialise in medical replacements for joints, primarily for hips. The Corail website is relatively new, with minimal investment in digital marketing.

I was approached by the digital associate of Corail and commissioned to perform a full search audit on the existing website. The objective was to provide a list of actionable insights which could be completed by the website team in order to improve the visibility of Corail through search. With very little budget, paid search was an unsuitable route so it was advised that focusing on organic search would generate the longest impact and most sustainable results.

As with several other of my clients, Corail already had website but didn’t know how to drive more awareness. This is often caused by digital strategies failing to consider marketing factors following the launch of a website, for example search optimisation. Audits such as the one completed for Corail can help identify quick-wins and finally see a positive return from the website that businesses have already invested in.

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  • An in-depth review of the current Corail Pinnacle website
  • An overview of the search landscape, including competitive analysis
  • Over 60 actionable tasks, focused on improving organic search visibility with minimal budget
  • 10 hours of training, presentation and support to help kick-start key actions

Technical optimisation

The Corail website had been created without consideration from a search perspective. This is a common cause of website’s under-performance. Unless fixed, any additional efforts return on investment can be held back. Accessing the website’s platform (which often clients have access to, but are not aware) and making small amends can dramatically change the performance of a website, often without the need for additional investment.

Content optimisation

Another problem commonly faced on small business websites is a lack of content. Despite this, most businesses have a wealth of information somewhere – Be it paperwork, photographs or even the knowledge of employees. Getting this content presented in a way that the customer wants is vital to getting found online. Identifying content gaps was one of the areas focused on during the Corail (and many other) search audits.

Influencer marketing

The third section of Corail’s audit considered how to work with influencers to best market the company’s unique services. B2B businesses can use influencer marketing just as effectively as B2C companies, but identifying the right influencers and customer personas can be a little more tricky. Using tools such as Followerwonk it was possible to identify those relevant to Corail’s market vertical who were authoritative across social media platforms.

Action planning

The audit didn’t end with the handover of the search report. Over 10 hours were spent with the website associate at Corail discussing each action point, how it could be achieved and why it was beneficial to search. This process is similar to how I approach any freelance project, ensuring that there’s a fundamental understanding of the requirements and benefits of any tasks, so that people can replicate this success for themselves.

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