Online marketing associate at EvoEnergy

Focusing on paid, organic and email to drive high-quality domestic and commercial leads. Reduced acquisition cost by £10 (from £45 to £35) and increased conversion by two percentage points.

EvoEnergy is the UK’s leading independent solar installer, already helping over 10,000 B2C and B2B customers around the country discover the benefits of cleaner, greener energy.  Their headquarters are based in Nottingham, UK and is made up from young, enthusiastic people who want to change energy consumption.

As a recent graduate with a degree in computing and a passion for marketing, I was approached by a recruitment agency looking for a Digital Marketing Associate for a growing renewable company. Joining a team comprised of a Head of marketing plus a Copywriter, Graphic designer and Customer relationship associate, I was responsible for all digital channels including search, email and social. During my time at EvoEnergy I also trained two placement students and (hopefully) inspired them to pursue a career in digital marketing.

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  • Navigating a fast-paced market in order to generate good quality, cost effective leads
  • Developing a range of time-sensitive multi-channel campaigns to prospects and customers
  • Sustaining high levels of traffic through channels such as SEO, PPC, Email and Social media
  • Managing multiple agencies to ensure campaigns achieved a high Return on Investment
  • Working with third parties to produce acquisition campaigns, solus emails and additional leads

Key achievements

  • Appearing top of organic results for keywords such as ‘solar power’ and ‘solar panel installer’
  • Achieving a 4% pay-per-click conversion rate, with a cost per lead of below £35
  • Reporting over 70% of all enquiries came from Google’s organic and paid results
  • Promoting an online ‘referral’ campaign which accounted for a third of new customers
  • Delivering over 100 email campaigns, with click-through rates typically reaching 10%

Search marketing

During 2012 the photovoltaic solar panel market was experiencing significant turbulence, with government incentives being revoked and reinstated no less than three times in twelve months. This fast-paced marketplace meant competition in search results was high, making organic visibility a challenge. However, EvoEnergy continuously ranked in top positions for key terms, including ‘Solar panels’. This was supported with a paid campaign where organic success was not possible.

Email marketing

Email marketing was the primary outbound method of communication at EvoEnergy, reaching upwards of 30,000 households who were interested in, or already had, solar panel installations. These emails comprised both sales-focused and more information-focused content, working in collaboration with DotMailer to constantly understand and improve the customer journey. This worked, driving increasingly positive click-through rates throughout campaigns.

Lead generation

With a 30+ strong sales team, leads generated via the website needed to be of the right quality, be of the right quantity and allow for a viable long-term business model. Using innovative digital ideas including a successful referral program, the marketing team were able to drive upwards of 1,000 leads per week with a strong chance of each being converted into a sale. Cost-per-acquisition was reduced campaign-on-campaign, with final costs below £35 per lead.

Website relaunch

Whilst EvoEnergy’s website was appropriate for customers, it’s ageing content management system meant innovative digital ideas couldn’t be implemented, potentially holding back future progression. Working closely with both the CEO and Head of marketing, a new website was developed which fundamentally changed how the business operated – The new site was able to offer additional services and added the ability to generate commercial leads.

John Alexander Rowley

An enthusiastic digital marketing professional passionately dedicated to increasing the online presence of businesses and individuals in order to improve engagement and ROI.

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