Brochure design for Lady Bay

Designed 1,300 8-page brochures commissioned by the local Lady Bay Arts festival in both 2014 and 2015. Brochures drove online visits and engagement, primarily to the festival’s social channels.

Lady Bay Arts Festival is a non-profit organisation which hosts an annual arts exhibition promoting a wider experience of contemporary art across Lady Bay, based in Nottingham. The organisers of Lady Bay were put in touch with me through word of mouth. After an initial meeting, I agreed to create the 8-page brochure required for the 2014 festival and was subsequently asked to also design the 2015 brochure.

For both brochures close collaboration was required in order to ensure over 80 attendees each had their profiles adequatly displayed. Additional information, as well as digital aspects such as hashtags, QR codes and social details were all added to produce a more multi-channel brochure.

Whilst not a traditional aspect of digital marketing, the opportunity to support a local organisation was one that I couldn’t pass up. Creating printed materials was an exciting learning curve and one that I’m now happy to offer to clients looking for offline design support.

Lady Bay Arts Festival logo


  • Designed an 8-page A5 brochure aimed at delivering information & driving traffic online
  • Supported the integration of offline materials into online formats
  • Managed the end-to-end process, including curation of content and liaising with professional print house
  • Successful delivery of brochures for two years – well received by client and customers alike

Offline design

Having never used InDesign, the initial learning curve was quite steep. However, within a few hours the software began to become easier to manage. This ability translated into other roles, able to manage the creation of Romax Technology’s collateral (white papers, brochures, etc) as part of the digital content strategy. Having this understanding of print design helps to more effectively brief print agencies when discussing print jobs such as bounceback vouchers at Thorntons.

Professional printing

Although I was able to design the brochures myself, the professional printing of 1,300 A5 brochures was a step too far. For this I partnered with a local print house, negotiating a price which ensured my personal profit remained in line with expectations. This collaboration taught me a lot about print work and has assisted discussion around offline collateral on several occasions. Whilst not a digital marketing skill I use every day, it’s one I’m proud to say I’m able to offer to my clients.

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