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Independent consumer-focused lead generation website. Drove 5,000 visitors and 8% conversion rate, with leads sold to market-leaders. Generated more than £35,000 in data costs over three months.

QuoteMeGreener was a small independent side-project created by myself and a colleague during my time at EvoEnergy. It was created to generate leads for the solar panel market, with each lead being put in touch with three market-leading solar installers. Each solar installer would pay a small fee per lead, allowing them to set the cost per acquisition.

The website was created as a proof of concept to demonstrate how lead generation could be used to drive revenue whilst supporting the endeavours of EvoEnergy at the time. It took approximately one month to launch the fully operational website, and generated almost £35,000 in lead data revenue over a further three months. During these three months approximately £15,000 was invested into digital marketing costs, mainly paid advertising, leaving £20,000 in profits.

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Key achievements

  • Generated over 5,000 unique visitors over two months through paid and organic search
  • Converted approximately 8% of visitors into qualified leads, generating £35,000 in lead sales
  • Produced more than £250,000 in business for three market-leading solar installers over three months
  • Maintained a positive return on investment in excess of 200% over three months
  • Integrated directly into solar installer’s eCRM platforms to ensure fast delivery of leads

Ethical data acquisition

It was important that data was acquired ethically and responsibly, especially considering the number of ‘cowboy installers’ emerging as part of the solar panel boom in 2010. In order to ensure people knew what they were signing up to during the data capture process, a single-stage sign-up form was coupled with double opt-in via email authentication. This ensured that not only were leads genuine and high quality, but that they also knew where there data was going.

Ethical sale of data

Selling data is often considered by consumers to be unethical. In many cases this is true, however Quotemegreener wanted to operate differently. After ensuring customers knew there data would be passed onto market-leading and reputable companies we worked with solar installers to ensure every lead was contacted within 48 hours. We also maintained a flat cost-per-acquisition to avoid bidding wars for data which would have ultimately degraded the customer’s experience.

Business performance

5% of all leads went on to purchase solar panels with EvoEnergy, generating in excess of £80,000 in solar installations for the company. In total it is estimated that more than 14% of all leads had solar panels installed by one of the three operators, meaning total generated solar installation revenue was likely to have exceeded £250,000. Unfortunately, due to volatility within the solar PV marketplace the website closed after just two months of full trading.

eCRM intergration

In order to offer a premium service to market-leading solar installers and therefore charge premium rates for leads, Quotemegreener offered direct intergration into businesses eCRM platforms. In order to do this we worked with MailChimp, DotMailer and Communigator to develop feeds which automatically sent qualified leads onto the relevant business. By offering this functionality in month two we were able to increase cost-per-acquisition by 25%.

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