Collaborative content with Surface2AirSports

Collaboration with TSA and Surface2AirSports to create bespoke digital content and drive online traffic and engagement. Received more than 1,800 likes on Facebook and over 65 comments across social.

Surface2AirSports is a ‘Rider owned, rider run’ extreme sports retailer located in Dorset, UK. The retail store is accompanied by an e-commerce site offering a range of surfboard, snowboard and wakeboard gear.

As an avid snowboarder myself, I set out in early 2016 to create a beginner’s guide for those who wanted to learn to snowboard. Having already created similar long-form content in the past (See my First-time buyer’s guide for buying a new home) I wanted to create something to help people understand how to learn before they ever stood on a snowboard – In order to do so I needed the right information, and so a collaboration with S2AS began.

Having reached out to the snowboarding community on Facebook, S2AS were able to provide a wealth of information in return for digital marketing knowledge. This knowledge share worked in both S2AS and my favour. With collaboration over Skype and email the long-form content was created and distributed amongst the snowboard community to a great reception.

View the Beginner’s guide to boarding

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Reception of content

  • Well received: Over 1,800 likes within the snowboard community ‘Billy Snow-mates’
  • Social engagement: More than 60 comments from the snowboard community
  • Attracted audience: In excess of 2,500 visits on launch of the content

Why a beginner’s guide?

Creating content is a great way to connect with your audience, but knowing the right topic to talk about can be a challenge. Using keyword research tools from companies like Moz and Google help to identify content topics that your audience want to read, watch or engage with.

After identifying that a beginner’s guide may be useful to the audience, I worked with influencers such as active online snowboard instructors and snowboard companies to promote the content. This is known as influencer marketing and can be very powerful for businesses and individuals looking to improve their online visibility.

Creating the guide

Creating the guide took a total of approximately 30 hours including writing, designing and developing. Frameworks such as Bootstrap and annimate.css dramatically reduced the complexity of the project, which in turn can help to keep costs low if working to create content on a budget.

Promoting the content took a further 10 hours, with various discussions with influencers both publically on social and behind the scenes.

Beginners guide to snowboarding
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