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Is guest blogging still valuable in 2014?

I recently read Matt Cutts article on the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO whilst searching for the effectiveness of the practice. It seems that there’s still potential for guest blogging, but it’s been exploited by many trying to achieve some SEO quick wins (namely getting as many backlinks to a website as possible).

  • The good – High quality, worthwhile and relevant articles
  • The bad – Paid for links, spammy articles and keyword saturation
  • The ugly – Blog spinning and replicated content

From everything I’ve read – Yes. But not so much for increasing PageRank (though backlinks, at least). It seems that due to the increase of spammy articles emerging since 2012 Google has took a tough stance and has devalued those backlinks. That’s not to say that guest blogging isn’t a good practice, simply that it shouldn’t be seen as a ‘quick win’ to get links back to the site and ultimately increase PageRank.

What I (and Matt Cutts) is trying to say is that “Guest blogging is OK – for exposure, branding, increased reach, community, etc – but Guest blogging for SEO is not”.

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Website Updates 2010

The web is changing. The bang of 2.0 a few years ago has shifted the old style robotic and impersonal websites aside to adopt a much more personal and engaging website, imagery and most importantly content! I was reading through my blogs the other day, as well as some of the pages, and it all […]

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Attacks on Google exploited Internet Explorer

It has emerged this week that the attacks on Chinese human rights activists were made from, yes you guessed it, Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s director of Security was quoted earlier this week saying that the attacks were “targeted and limited” and were mainly “exploiting Internet Explorer 6″. Similarly, McAfee stated that the weeks attacks “showed a […]

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Google Wave and Twitter Marketing!

I recently read the blog ‘Is Twitter The Main Force Behind The Wave?‘, which was wrote by Alex Sleat (a personal friend of mine) and discussed the use of Twitter to not only market Google Wave but also spread invites. In response, here are my thoughts on the first three points raised in his article, […]

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WordPress App for the iPhone

WordPress 2 has recently been released for the iPhone via the App store. Not only is it free but also very easy to set up. All I did to set it up was go to /wp-admin/options-writing.php and tick the XML-RPC checkbox under the remote Publishing section. From there I simply put in my login details […]

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No longer a blogger virgin!

SO, this is my first blog. I guess I should say something important or wisely at this point (fist impressions and all); I feel embraced! I have done a complete U-Turn and am starting to understand why bloggers blog! I’m still less than 100% convinced, but I’m hoping the next 6 months or so will […]

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