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Multiple backgrounds with CSS3

A nice little feature of CSS3 is comma seperated values for background attributes, allowing multiple backgrounds to be defined against a single CSS element. No more overlaying several div’s! View how it’s done.

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Creating a vertical scrolling parallax website

freelanceProviding the right text for website pages is often a sticking point for both freelance clients and marketing divisions within organisations. A recent trend in website development, known as ‘vertical scrolling’ or ‘parallax’ website design, is attempting to solve this issue by reducing the amount of required text.

A vertical scrolling website is generally a single page responsive website separated vertically, whilst ‘parallax’ sites manipulate the scroll speed of individual elements to give the impression of layers.

After a little research I took my first attempt at creating a vertical scroller, and here is the result.

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Self Sufficient Website Development

To be self sufficient is to be independent. To be able to provide or support for oneself, without the help of others. Applying this concept to website development can be a tricky task without the correct skill sets. That’s actually kind of the point – the skill sets (rather than set). The goal of a […]

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404 on all links from homepage

Getting 404 pages on all the links from your homepage? I was too… After about a decade of trying to convey the issue to a USELESS ‘live chat’ support person with my hosts, I found the answer for myself. WordPress changes the .htaccess file depending on the permalink style you choose. There are two ways […]

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