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Reviewing the rules of link building

Link building has become an increasingly dirty word over the last couple of weeks, months and years (depending how far back you look), and many digital marketers have began to simply ‘leave the court’ when it comes to the once quick-win strategy. This became particularly clear during Nottingham’s first ‘Drink: Digital marketing meet-up’ event late last month.

During the event, which brought together many of Nottingham’s digitally inclined minds, there was an overwhelming buzz around Google’s site-wide penalties applied through the now apparently nasty practice of link building. But is it really fair to assume that all link building results in site-wide penalties? And should digital marketers give up on the practice all together?

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Is guest blogging still valuable in 2014?

I recently read Matt Cutts article on the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO whilst searching for the effectiveness of the practice. It seems that there’s still potential for guest blogging, but it’s been exploited by many trying to achieve some SEO quick wins (namely getting as many backlinks to a website as possible).

  • The good – High quality, worthwhile and relevant articles
  • The bad – Paid for links, spammy articles and keyword saturation
  • The ugly – Blog spinning and replicated content

From everything I’ve read – Yes. But not so much for increasing PageRank (though backlinks, at least). It seems that due to the increase of spammy articles emerging since 2012 Google has took a tough stance and has devalued those backlinks. That’s not to say that guest blogging isn’t a good practice, simply that it shouldn’t be seen as a ‘quick win’ to get links back to the site and ultimately increase PageRank.

What I (and Matt Cutts) is trying to say is that “Guest blogging is OK – for exposure, branding, increased reach, community, etc – but Guest blogging for SEO is not”.

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Penguin 2.0 released – What changed and why

Penguin 2.0 was released less than a week ago, and seemed to underwhelm a lot of webmasters despite the hype that surrounded it, despite being spam focused thus effecting a small number of (black hat) website administrators.

What changes were likely rolled out? What’s in the pipeline for Google’s SEO algorithms? Will these all definitely make it into future releases from Google?

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Google XML-Sitemap ‘www.’ Prefix error!

I have had the ‘Google XML-Sitemap’ plug-in for WordPress installed for a time now, and everything was working perfectly. However, after the plug-in was updated some time last week it started showing errors in Google’s Webmaster Tools. The error was the following. “Paths don’t match we’ve detected that you submitted your Sitemap using a URL […]

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Analytics: Page views go through the roof!

Yesterday was the first day that I delved into the realm of online marketing; with the soul purpose of getting more visitors to my website (which I am clearly succeeding at if your reading this!). To aid my task of ramping up my page hits I have used a selection of SEO techniques (keywords, Metadata […]

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Webpage Optimization

Thanks to a bit of friendly advice at work this week I have discovered that possibly the single most important thing to your Google ranking could be the load time of your pages. This page not only analyses your page but also gives you ideas on how to improve on your load times (things like […]

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