What it means to be a HEART Internet reseller

There’s thousands of hosting companies out there, so choosing the right company can be challenging. I believe HEART Internet is able to offer one of the best services among hosting providers.

There’s literally thousands of hosting companies out there in the world (wide web), so no surprise that choosing the right company can be challenging. Do you go for the best up-time, customer support, number of awards or feature sets?

I believe HEART Internet is able to offer one of the best overall services (>99% up-time, 24/7 friendly customer support, About.com and Host Review Award winners, great & innovative features!) which is why I’m set up to ‘resell’ their server space at a competitive price – Cheaper than you’d be able to get directly from HEART or from hosting competitors.

How it works

How it works is relatively simple. I have a ‘reseller’ account, which means I’m authorized to sell HEART Internet’s hosting packages (or create bespoke packages) to best fit a customer’s needs. By going through a reseller, you get a 1:1 support whenever needed, plus the weight of HEART customer support behind you. The account is then managed by the reseller, meaning the customer never has to come into contact with boring technical online elements (Unless, of cause, they want to).

Why do I need hosting and how much does it cost?

Hosting is required if you want to store something online. The information (namely a bunch of webpages, images, a content management system, etc) is stored on a ‘server’ which is like the harddrive in your computer, but much more powerful. Servers and hosting can vary greatly, in terms of speed, size, bandwidth (the amount of information that can be downloaded per day/week/month) and the services and features it comes with.

It’s difficult to say how much hosting costs, as it’s very dependent on the hosting solution required. HEART enables resellers to charge as they see fit, which means a lower overall cost for the person buying the hosting space as resellers can have several, lower cost accounts.

The average hosting package can cost anywhere between £10 – £50 per year, as a rough guide.

What’s special about HEART?

So, I don’t want to come across as a HEART preacher,  but they really are a great bunch who’ll go out of their way to help… And that’s just the customer support! Their services include unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth, full UK support, no hidden extra costs, and unlimited mailboxes, servers and domain names (.co.uk’s, .com’s, etc).

How do I buy HEART Internet hosting from you?

Ah, that’s a nice one! Simply fill out the contact form and I’ll get in touch shortly.

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